Agricultural Extension and Rural Environment: Focus on Water Resource Influencing Lives and Livelihood

Achala Gakkhar, P. N. Kalla and Punam Tiwari


Agricultural extension with its basic philosophies, scope, principles and applications strive to support the existing rural environment encompassing livelihoods: social, physical , financial, human and natural(natural resources)capitals to a great extent. Farming systems vary with agro-ecological conditions and no single intervention will work as a magical cure for improving farm productivity. Revival of agricultural dynamism calls for corrective steps to deal with the near collapse of the extension systems in most states and the decline in agricultural research universities.The technologies and approaches with ‘ top-down’, technology-driven projects: local, decentralized, community-based, people-centered alternatives are available. Problems of scarcity of water, depleted aquifers, declining groundwater tables, and drought proneness have been successfully tackled by water harvesting endeavors in Ralegan Siddhi village in Maharashtra, Sukhomajri in Haryana, and Alwar in Rajasthan only the need of the hour is to properly revive our old conventional systems for sustainable future and livelihood

Keyword: Water resources; Environm

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