Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Rural Women

Aparna Jaisawal and M.M.Patel


The study was conducted in purposively selected block of Indore district of Madhya Pradesh during 2009-10 in order to know the entrepreneurial behaviour of rural women in terms of their socio-economic, psychological and family background attributes. The results of the study revealed that majority of the respondents exhibited medium to low level of entrepreneurial behaviour, while very few of them exhibited high level of entrepreneurial behaviour. The study further revealed that education, family income, risks willingness of the respondents and training received by them had positive relationship with their entrepreneurial behaviour. The study also concluded that age, family occupation, owing responsibility for failure, family type, family size, birth status in parental home, present status in in-law’s home and length of experience had negative relationship with entrepreneurial behaviour. It is further concluded that dual responsibility, lack of resources, poor family support, late payment by clients, mobility and marketing constraints were the major constraints perceived by majority of the rural woman entrepreneurs

Keyword: Entrepreneurial behavior;

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