Farmer To Farmer Extension through Farmer Friend

A. Anitha Pauline and C. Karthikeyan


The present study mainly focused on Farmer Friend (FF) under ATMA scheme who served as a vital link between extension system and farmers at village level (one for every two villages). FF helped in activating much needed village-based, bottom-up planning process and served as vital link, between extension system and farmers at village level. Farmer Friend had up graded skills and was available in the village to advice on agriculture and allied activities. The FF was engaged by Block Technology Team (BTT) on a resolution of Gram Panchayat (GP). The study was carried out in Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu during 2014. Presently twelve blocks and 295 revenue villages are present in Coimbatore District. Totally 144 Farmer Friends were available in 12 blocks. Three blocks were randomly selected and all the Farmer Friend available in twelve blocks was considered as sample for the study. The main objective is to study the level of participation of farmer friend under ATMA scheme. The study was conducted using a well-structured and pretested interview schedule. Most of the respondents had middle and secondary level of education. A majority of them had agriculture as their main occupation and medium level of farming experience. Most of the respondents had medium level of participation in extension activities under ATMA. Majority of the farmer friend perceived lack of coordination and poor response from their village farmers to conduct ATMA related extension activities

Keyword: Farmer friend; Farmer to farmer Knowledge; ATMA; Participation;

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