Direct and Indirect Effects of Variables on the Performance of Role as Perceived by the Agricultural Extension Personnel under Extension Reform in Assam

D. Bortamuly and P. K. Das


The present study was carried out in the 11 districts of Assam to access the direct and indirect effects of variables on<br />the performance of role as perceived by the Agricultural extension personnel under extension reform in Assam. A<br />total of 112 agricultural extension personnel were interviewed who were working under the revitalized extension<br />system in Assam with the help of structured schedule during the period of 2015. A total of 15 characteristics of the<br />respondent were considered in the study. The primary data was collected directly from the respondents through<br />personal interview method. The Direct and Indirect effect of these variables on the performance of role as perceived<br />by the Agricultural extension personnel was calculated with the help of path analysis. It is evident from the results<br />of the path analyses that the variables role awareness, role perception, service experience and job anxiety emerged<br />to be most important variables which exhibited substantial direct effects on the level of role performance.

Keyword: Level of role performance; Direct and Indirect effect; Extension reform; Path Analysis

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