Status of Quality Care Concerns and Issues of Reproductive Health Services for Rural Women of Uttar Pradesh: A FGD Based Qualitative Analysis

Hitaishi Singh


Deficiency in fulfilling the quality care parameter was identified as most detrimental factor for the failure of National Family Welfare Programme (NFWP) of India. Therefore, as an ideological shift with focused on achieving success by providing a range of quality care services with several interventions, nationwide Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Programme was launched in April, 1996 which further continued as RCH II (National Rural Health Mission). Since several mid- term reports and researches carried out in the area did not show very optimistic results, thus, a study was carried out with the major objective - Analyzing concerns and issues related to quality care in reproductive health services in rural Uttar Pradesh . Findings revealed gaps in the status of general and specific service provisions; interventions made and ground realities (implementation) in terms of all quality care parameters. Complete quality care packages of readily available gender sensitive and responsive services are recommended.

Keyword: RCH; Rural Women Health; Quality Care; Maternal; Child Health;

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