Peoples’ Participation in Watershed Development Programme : A Case Study of Rajasthan

Chitranjan Sharma and S.S. Sisodia


This study was conducted to know the involvement of people at different stages of National watershed development programme viz. pre project implementation stage, project implementation stage and post project implementation stage. Molela watershed of Rajasamand district of Rajasthan was selected for this purpose. Total 180 watershed beneficiary farmers were selected and personally interviewed for the study. The findings indicates that majority of farmers have participated in public meeting called for formation of users committee at pre project implementation stage. While large numbers of beneficiaries were employed in terms of labourers and they have attended the meetings called by the users committee during project implementation stage. At post project implementation stage, project staff was regularly conducted the visit of the site to look after the project assets and farmers were participated in maintenance of soil and water conservation work done on pasture land

Keyword: People participation; Wat

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