Percent Change in Grip Strength of Potato Growers Involved in Potato Cultivation Activities

Katayani, Shalini Gupta, Pratima Sachan and Rekha Dayal


Grip strength in a general term used/referring to the muscular power and force that a person can generate with his hands. It is the force applied by the hand to pull on or suspend from objects and is a specific part of hand strength. Changed in Grip strength or grip fatigue for selected potato cultivation activities was measured in terms of percentage change in grip strength while performing selected potato cultivation activities. More the reduction in grip strength, more was taken as grip fatigue. Present study entitled “percent change in grip strength of potato growers involved in potato cultivation activities”. Multistage purposive random sampling technique was followed to select the state, district, blocks and finally respondent. Total sample size 160 respondents were randomly selected for final data collection. Experimental was conducted on 20 per cent physically i.e. 32 fit. Reduction in grip strength was highest for left hand while performing digging activity also reduction was highest for right hand while performing weeding activity and for both hands while performing earthing activity for respondents of 25-40 years of age. In case of respondents of 41-55 years of age, reduction was highest while performing weeding activity for left, right and both the hands.

Keyword: Grip Strength; Potato cultivation activities; Experimental study;

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