Participatory Technological Empowerment of Women Groups in Rainfed Agriculture: An Action Research in Andhra Pradesh State

G. Nirmala, V. Maruthi and B. Venkateswarlu


Women play important role in Agriculture. In rainfed farming owing to male migration women dependency on farming for livelihood has been increasing. Women are constrained with credit, inputs and technology that support livelihood. A participatory action research (PAR) in Mahabubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh was initiated to address production constraints and empower them both technologically and economically through identification of problems, provision of technological solutions and reducing drudgery. Women groups of 10- 15 members were formed to facilitate access to productive resources. Results from PAR in crop production indicated significant improvement in productivity of crops and household income. Similarly, livestock health was improved with mineral mixture supplementation increasing milk yield. Drudgery reduction through small tools were successfully demonstrated.Woman collective participation accrued more benefits of credit, inputs, technology to group members enabling significant impact on productivity of rainfed crops and as well to their own capabilities

Keyword: Women groups; Gender; Emp

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