Prospects of Millets and Millet based Products as Nutri-health Food: Stakeholders' Analysis

Bhagirath Das, Satyapriya, Premlata Singh, V. Sangeetha4 and Poulami Ray


Millets which are also known as ‘coarse cereals’ have been an important part of traditional diet of millions of people in India. However, over time there has been a steep decline in area of millet cultivation. But due to various nutritional and health benefits millets are considered to have great opportunity in future thus the prospects of millets as nutri-health food was studied in this research study. A number of statements were prepared and the respondents which included farmers and extension personnel were asked to rank. Afterwards the overall rank of the statements was made by using Garrett’s ranking technique. The results showed that farmers cultivating millets ranked climate resilient nature of millets as first and foremost prospect as it can withstand harsh climates of the respective climatic conditions and still can give handsome amount of yield where other crops cannot be grown. While extension personnel ranked nutritious nature of millet-based food as foremost prospect while considering the importance of millets to combat malnutrition in India.

Keyword: coarse cereals; Prospect; Garrett’s ranking; Climate resilient

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