Need for Revamped Extension Approaches to Overcome the Constraints in Transfer of Technologies

Kiran Pant and Ummed Singh


There is an urgent need to modify and evaluate the methodologies of agricultural extension and research. As the agricultural research holds the key to improve the productivity of resources, the extension approaches to disseminate the technologies also need to be revamped. There are several constraints that influence the whole extension system as Common basic technological, Organizational and Administrative and Social constraints. This study conducted in the Garhwal hills of Himalaya revealed that the important constraints considered by the functionaries of the KVK were ‘Non availability of location specific and problem oriented technologies,’ ‘Lack of motivation among the farmers’. ‘Paucity of budget’ ‘Lack of transport facility’, and ‘non-availability of inputs’. To overcome the constraints as perceived by the functionaries working in Krishi Vigyan Kendra, suggestions were invited and this includes increase in budget for training, timely availability of inputs, proper market facilities, working out proper cropping system and motivation of farm women to adopt new technological advancement. To overcome these constraints the intervention areas where an urgent need of looking forward for better extension or revamp the present extension system are: Decentralized extension services, self-reliant extension system, pluralistic extension, farmer’s group approach, utilizing the new ICTs, interactive/participatory and client oriented extension.

Keyword: Constraints; Decentralized Extension; Pluralistic Extension; Revamped extension approach;

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