Performance of Entrepreneurs in North Eastern Region

Pubali Saikia


Entrepreneurship development through micro enterprise is an economic venture by which a large number of people can be changed within a short period of time especially from the point of view of employment generation. It provides tremendous opportunities for an entrepreneur to start a new creation. It helps to change the life of an entrepreneurs into a new direction. For changing the life of an entrepreneur, motivation is very essential, because without motivation no one can choose entrepreneurships as a profession. As we know it very well, that motivation is the ultimate key of starting a new venture in any trade. So it is very much important to motivate a person to understand his or her inner qualities to start a new profession for economic development. This study was conducted in the state of Assam. The nature of the study was both Exploratory and Descriptive. For selecting the representative sample for the study, simple random sampling method was adopted for selection of the districts. CRD analysis highlights the significance difference among all aspects of empowerment.

Keyword: Performance; Entrepreneur.

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