Implementation of Automatic Cooling System for Cattle Shed and Its Effect on Milk Production

Sumitra Goswami


Automation and robotics play a major role in human life; we can’t picture a future without them. So, without these innovations, how will livestock/cattle survive? During the summer, the temperature in Rajasthan’s north western area varies greatly (approx 50o C). The health of animals and cattle is affected by the high temperatures. It lowers milk production. This has an influence on both life and the economy. Many initiatives have been created to escape these kinds of sensitive circumstances by using technology such as integrated, wireless sensor, and IOT. The wireless temperature sensor detects the environmental temperature of the cattle/ livestock shed in this temperature-based cooling system for livestock and cattle farm in the western area of Rajasthan using Arduino system, and if the temperature goes high, the cooling system Fogger system begins, and if the temperature goes down, the fogger system goes off automatically. Arduino is in charge of this device. On the LCD display, the temperature is also shown. Additionally, the owner may use Bluetooth mobile communication to set the high-low temperature threshold value.

Keyword: Arduino uno; Bluetooth; Fogger; Livestock; Sensor; Temperature;

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