On Farm Trial: An Approach for Management of Thrips in Onion

D.K. Mishra, Gopesh Pathak, R.S. Tailor and Alok Deshwal


Among the several factors attributed to low productivity of onion, damage of crop due to onion thrips is substantially important. Farmers were using parathion dust 02% to control the menace. However, neembased bio-pesticides i.e. neem seed extract (NSE) neem leaf extract (NLE) or neem oil constitute the recommendation for managing onion thrips. Preparation of NSE and NSE involved a cumbersome and time consuming process, while neem oil was readily available with the local venders. Hence, an On Farm Trial was conducted to evaluate the feasibility and economic viability of neem oil for containing onion thrips under real farm conditions. The results of the On Farm Trial brings out that the recommended practice of using neem oil to manage thrips is feasible and economically viable over farmers practice. In order to overcome the drudgery involved in preparation and lack of free availability of neem leaf or neem seed for making bio-pesticide, the neem oil, which is easily available in local market, is better option to adopt for controlling onion thrips using eco-friendly measurement

Keyword: On farm trial; Onion thri

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