Sustainable Vegetables and Flowers Production Technology (Poly House): Problems & Prospects in Haryana

B.S. Ghanghas, J.S. Malik and V.P.S. Yadav


India is the largest producer of vegetables in the world next to China; its requirements of vegetables are rapidlyincreasing because of burgeoning population. The factors such as adverse climatic conditions, high potential ofvegetables, fruits and flowers, agro inputs availability, small and fragmented land holdings and increased demandof quality vegetables necessitate the adoption of protected cultivation. Vast majority (94%) of poly house farmersopined moderate to high prospects of poly house. Increased production and productivity per unit of land, water,energy and labour, high quality and clean products, high water and fertilizer use efficiency, subsidy provision forestablishment of high cost infrastructure, round the year employment to the farmers were the major prospectiveaspects perceived by poly house farmers. While they faced many problems like population explosion of minuteinsects like mites & white flies, especially the white fly menace, frequent occurrence of windstorms, hailstorms, lackof cold storage facilities in villages, high cost of refrigerated vehicle and problem of nematode infestation were themajor serious constraints faced by the poly house growers. The field functionaries must provide continued technicalguidance and quality cladding material since technology being capital as well as care intensive with special carefor control of white fly and nematode infestations, regarding proper marketing and value addition knowledge andskill to farmers for sustainability of poly house cultivation.

Keyword: Sustainable vegetables and flowers production technology; Poly house

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