Factors Affecting Basic Essential Knowledge of Dairy Farmers’ Sons to be Successful Dairy Farmers

Mahammad Shafi R.Sk. and N.B. Chauhan


The basic essential occupational knowledge of an individual is considered as the power to be a successful person in the modern days of science and technology. It has the capacity to make a person enabled to make progress in occupational life using science and technology. It makes human involved in any occupation far more competent, advanced and sophisticated being to handle business. The dairy farmers’ sons as a future generation are also expected to have the basic essential knowledge to be new generation successful dairy farmers. Considering this, the present study was conducted on a random sample of 200 sons of dairy farmers of Anand and Kheda districts of Gujarat to examine factors affecting basic essential knowledge of dairy farmers’ sons to be successful dairy farmers. The study concludes majority (67.50%) of the dairy farmers’ sons had a very high level of essential knowledge to be successful dairy farmers. The study also reveals that basic essential knowledge of dairy farmers’ sons to be successful dairy farmers was observed positively significant with their age, marital status, landholding, annual family income, extension participation, achievement motivation, self-confidence, economic motivation and attitude towards farming. It means that the degree of the basic essential knowledge to be a successful dairy farmer was observed significantly better amongst those sons of the practising dairy farmers, who had to some extent elder age, married marital status, comparatively the more agricultural family landholding, better annual family income, more connectivity with extension agencies and who had a higher level of motivation to achieve an economic level in life and highly positive towards farming as an occupation.

Keyword: Factors; Basic essential knowledge; Dairy farmers’ sons;

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