Extent of Knowledge of Change Agents and Correlational Analysis of Variables with Their Communication Skill

Sunil Arya, D. K. Singh and Satyender Singh


The present study was conducted in Baghpat district of Western Uttar Pradesh to know the knowledge level of change agent about communication material and skill. Baghpat district has six blocks namely; Baghpat, Pilana, Khekhra, Baraut, Chhaprauli and Binouli. Hence, all the six blocks were taken up for the study. From each block BDOs, ADOs and VPDOs were taken by using census method. In all, 250 change agents from six blocks formed the sample for the study. Data from respondents were collected through well-structured pre-tested interview schedule. It was found that respondents were nearly three-fourth of respondents found to have possessed low to medium level of knowledge. Data indicated that the variables education, socio-economic status, communication facilities, training attended and mass media exposure had positive correlation with communication skill of change agents. Age and service experience were found to have negative significant association with communication skill. No association was found between communication skill and other independent variables like change proneness, job satisfaction and workload

Keyword: Antecedent Variables; Com

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