A Study on Profile Characteristics of Digital Natives

Kirti , Dipak De and Pankaj Kumar Mandal


The accessibility of the ICTs must be there because it is Digital access which divides the society not the Digital technology as technology integrates the society. So an effort is to be made to provide digital technologies to the members of the society. Simply providing access is not the only solution but also making the people empowered to use the digital technologies. Therefore there is a need to know the digital empowerment status of the individuals by developing a tool. Before knowing digital empowerment status it is necessary to have the study on theie socio economic profile. The sample was of 170 respondents of which all were young students. Study reveals that (51.18%) of the respondents were male and (48.82%) female. Education status of the respondents ranged from Graduation (53.52%) Master (38.24%) Ph.D (8.24%). Respondents completed their schooling from rural area (40.58%) and urban area (59.42%). Medium of Basic School Education of the respondents was from English (67.65%), Hindi (30.58%) and others (1.77%).Type of schooling ranged from Public (50.58%), Private (38.25%) and Convent (11.17%)

Keyword: Digital; Empowerment; Digital empowerment; Digital natives; Socio economic profile;

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