Influence of Institutional Credit on Livestock Ownership and Adoption of Cross Bred Technology in Mountainous Regions of Jammu & Kashmir

S.H. Baba, B.A. Zargar, Showket A. Mir, Y. Hamid and N.A. Qammer


Motivated by non-availability of empirical evidences on determinants of livestock holding, this paper investigated livestock ownership and adoption of cross bred technology in relation with institutional agricultural credit in different agro-climatic zones of Jammu & Kashmir state. The study established that borrowers of institutional credit were better placed to invest more on livestock capital and were able to manage more animals at their farms. Additionally, higher proportion of livestock specie of borrowers was cross bred, implying a crucial role of institutional credit in livestock development. The regression estimates confirmed that institutional credit have significantly contributed to more livestock ownerships. Literacy of family heads, average holding size and irrigated area were other significant determinants of livestock ownership across different agro-climatic zones. Results of the study suggested the need to enhance institutional credit, specific for the purpose for livestock development, in view of increasing demand of livestock and their products in the state.

Keyword: Institutional credit; Livestock ownership; Cross bred animals; Mountain agriculture;

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