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Working Pattern of Dairy Workers Involved in Dairy Activities

Aradhana Kushwaha and Neelma Kunwar


Dairying in India has been considered to be playing a crucial role in India economy. Livestock management is a gender activity as both men and women are involved in the livestock management, but women play an important role in sustainability of livestock. Thus, the study focuses on constraints faced by women in livestock management. The study was carried out in Kanpur Nagar. The district was selected purposively because of the convenience of the researcher as she belonged to this area. Selection of blocks Kanpur Nagar district is divided in 10 blocks. Five blocks from each district namely Ghatampur, Sarsoul, Vidhunu, Kalyanpur, Shivrajpur were randomly selected for the study. Selection of villages Out of the total 50 villages in Kanpur block were randomly selected from each block to get a total of 10 villages, respectively. The results revealed that majority of respondents were from age group 30- 50 years, that involvement of respondents in dairy practices, 95.0 per cent male and 71.0 per cent female involving in feeding the animals. 94 per cent male respondents were found to be involved in care of sick animals and 90.0 per cent female involved in care of pregnant animals in the study area.

Keyword: Dairying; India economy; Dairy innovation; Farming community; Livestock management;

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