Women SHGs Amelioration through Group Dynamic Effectiveness in Gujarat

Sujata Parmar, Girish Deshmukh and R.M. Jadeja


Several forces are working and influencing the process of “self-help groupâ€ (SHGs) dynamics. The important personal and socio-psychological factors which are responsible for effect on SHGs dynamics need to be thoroughly undertaken and activities on sustainable basis. Hence, the study on correlates of effectiveness of group dynamics of women SHGs was taken in Junagadh district of Gujarat state. By using simple random sampling procedure, 120 members were selected for study. Statistical tool like correlation, multiple regression and path analysis were employed to draw suitable inference. The relationship of personal and socio-psychological characteristics on, Group dynamic effectiveness index (GDEI) was established in this study by simple correlation analysis. Education, Annual income, Social participation, Proactive attitude, Skill development had a positively higher significant relationship with GDEI at 1 per cent level of significant. The skill development had a highest direct effect on GDEI. It was also indicated that proactive attitude had largest indirect effect on GDEI through skill development. This article helps to manage, improve and strengthen group interaction. It is also helpful in mobilizing SHGs.

Keyword: GDEI; Proactive attitude; Skill development; SHGs

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