Women Entrepreneurs and Their Complications in the Journey of Entrepreneurship –A Study of Assam

Pubali Saikia


Women are hard workers, adventurous, self-determined and are willing to take risks in setting up new enterprises. It is a tradition on the part of women to make efficient management of household affairs but now-a-days women are equally interested in setting up their own business to become independent and self-reliant. When an enterprise is established and controlled by a woman, it not only boosts economic growth, but also has many desirable outcomes. They have become important players in the entrepreneurial landscape. But there are some difficulties faces by an entrepreneur while starting a new activity. Major complications such as poor knowledge and skill, poor support of family, lack of decision making ability, lack of leadership quality, lack of technical qualification and lack of information or advice, competition and so on faced by an entrepreneur while establishing and running a new enterprise are considered as complications in the present study. Complications reported by the respondents were shortage of money, lack of technical knowledge on maintenance of machineries and attachments, lack of coordination among employees, availability of quality raw material and so on.

Keyword: Entrepreneur; Complication; Entrepreneurship;

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