Women Empowerment through Women Dairy Cooperative Society in Uttarakhand

Neha Upreti and Neelam Bhardwaj


Dairying is an occupation that supports the livelihoods of many women, especially rural poor in India. There is no denying fact that women are relatively more active workers in animal husbandry sector and their contribution to Indian economy is quite substantial. Women empowerment is often described as a key factor in well- being of women and their households and as such has been quantified, measured and described in variety of ways. It is a dynamic process that cannot be observed directly but approximated. WDCS under Women Dairy Development Project (WDDP) was conceived as a vehicle forum not only for economic benefit throughout this project but also for managing and forming the village level cooperatives and training in scientific management of milk animals, health and environment, kitchen gardening, food preservation and income generating activities. Uttarakhand is one of the difficult and economically developing regions of India and the socio-cultural set up is mainly based largely on a system in which class and gender largely determine the socio-economic status of various segments of populations. Hence this state has been selected for the study and the data has been collected through interview schedule by applying all the suitable and standard statistical tools. This study mainly focuses on the women empowerment in the dairy cooperatives.

Keyword: Dairying; Women Dairy Development Project (WDDP); Scientific management; Women empowerment;

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