Weed Management and Reasons for its Non Adoption

P. K. Singh, K. K. Barman and Jay G. Varshney


The study was conducted in Jabalpur region of Madhya Pradesh to find out the present status of adoption and non-adoption stages of chemical weed control technologies against grassy weeds (Phalaris minor & Wild Oat) in wheat, constraints faced by farmers and their suggestions for wider adoptability of the said technology. A representative sample of 147 farmers was selected by following the criteria of stratified multi stage sampling procedure. On the basis of interview with the sampled respondents, it was recorded that only 12% farmers have fully adopted the technology to control weeds in wheat crop. Half of the remaining 88% of respondents had not adopted it at the knowledge stage of innovation decision process due to ignorance. The main reasons for non adoption of this practice were lack of knowledge (42%) and lack of guidance (23.3%). About 65% of nonadopter farmers suggested that extension system should publicise the method of herbicide use and highlight related instructions through mass media prior to onset of the cropping season

Keyword: Adoption; Chemical weed control

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