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Vegetables for Livelihood Security: A Study in Disadvantageous Area of Vindhyan Region

Neeraj Singh, B. Singh, A.B. Rai, Shubhadeep Roy, Sujoy Saha and A. Singh


The vegetable crops have been well advocated as protective food. They are rich source of minerals, vitamins, vegetable fibre and contain fair amount of carbohydrate and protein. In addition to meet the local demand, vegetables have the potential for distant and export market. Vindhyan region in Eastern Uttar Pradesh is considered as potential area for vegetable cultivation but due to the lack of technical guidance and unawareness of improved technologies, farmers in this region were practicing traditional cultivars and other agronomic practices. Therefore, efforts has been made to educate the growers of two clusters in Mirzapur and one cluster in Sonbhadra districts of Vindhyan region regarding the improved cultivation of vegetables along with giving massive frontline demonstrations, farmers-scientists interaction and organizing field days for quicker dissemination and adoption of technologies. The productivity of demonstrated crops increased from 6.25–40.34 % mainly because of introduction of high yielding new varieties. Further, Kashi Pragati in okra and Kashi Kanchan in cowpea fetched maximum yield differences between demonstrated and farmers’ practiced varieties. Considering the importance of nutritional security, during 2008-09 a total of 1100 households were given kitchen garden demonstration kit where as in 2009-10 and 2010-11 it increases up to 3767 and 5621 households respectively.

Keyword: Improved vegetable varieties, vegetables productivity, kitchen garden.

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