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Utilization Pattern of Social Media among the Postgraduate Students

Annu Devi Gora and S.S. Sisodia


Social media are modern interactive communication channels through which people connect to one another, share ideas, experiences, pictures, messages and information of common interest. The present study was conducted in Rajasthan by selecting three agriculture colleges i.e. RCA, Udaipur, SKNCOA, Jobner and COA, Bikaner purposively. Among these three colleges selected 240 students were selected randomly. The results of study indicated that the majority of students (70.83 %) had medium level of utilization about social media, you tube as mostly used social media which were overall 77.50 MPS, majority of postgraduate students (63.50 MPS) spend their time of 1-2 hours per day on social media, most preferred timing to using social media during 9.00 pm to 12.00 am with 89.37 MPS, majority of postgraduate students used the social media for “to share and exchange teaching learning materials (notes, lesson plans, slides etc.)” with 86.04 MPS, prefer mobile phone as device to access of the social media with the extent of overall 96.66 MPS, majority of postgraduate students accessed social media through data pack with overall 92.29 MPS, majority of the postgraduate students prefer the hostel as place to access of the social media with the extent of 95.00 MPS.

Keyword: Utilization; Social media; Postgraduate students;

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