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Utilization Pattern of ICT Tools among Farm Women in Uttarakhand

Shivani Jha , S.K. Kashyap and M.A. Ansari


ICT tools are the new tools used for gathering the latest information. A study was carried out to find the utilization pattern of ICT tools among farm women of the Tarai region of Uttarakhand during 2019-2020. The data were collected from 120 respondents using a structured interview schedule, as a personal interview schedule reduces the bias of respondents and helps in the collection of credible data. Findings revealed that the majority of the farm women (79.16%) used the Mobile daily once or twice. Television was watched by farm women (61.66%) daily once or twice. Most of the farm women used ICT tools for general-purpose than agriculture purposes. Hence, concerted efforts like; formal education of ICT tools, easy access and usage, cost-effectiveness measures, etc. have to be made by the policymakers, administrators, and academicians concerned to make necessary improvements in planning and implementing ICTs strategies, so that farm women must be made aware of the use of ICT tools and promote interest among them for its optimum agriculture use.

Keyword: Farm women; ICT tools; Utilization pattern; Mobile; Social participation

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