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Utilization Pattern of Different Sources and Channels of Agriculture Information used by the Fenugreek Growers

B.S.Yadav, I.M. Khan and M. Kumar


India has one of the largest and most complex public systems for generation, testing and transfer of agricultural information. It is the information behaviour of the farmers, which can promote and spread the results obtained in the laboratories for their better utilization in farming community. Fenugreek growers seek information from different sources and channels of agriculture information which have brought the fenugreek growers and scientists close to understand the suitability of the technologies. The Jaipur region of Rajasthan has highest area and production under fenugreek cultivation. There are so many agricultural institutions, which are engaged in the research on fenugreek growers problems and transfer of technology to the fenugreek growers

Keyword: Agriculture information;

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