Utility of Farm Women Training Programmes in Livelihood Security

Hardeep Kaur and R.K. Talukdar


Knowledge is power. Addition to knowledge or improvement in existing knowledge and skill base of farmers is another tool for empowering the farmers. Experiences show that the knowledge and skill acquisition programmes and mechanisms have largely been tilted against the male farmers. A study on utility of Farm Women Training Centre’s (FWTC) training programmes was carried out with a sample of 110 women trainees who had undergone training on 3 subject matter areas at FWTC, AAU, Jorhat, covering 4 districts of Assam. Among 8 numbers of utility dimensions, it was found that the trainees thought the trainings to be very much useful for technical knowledge gain, technical skill development, performing day-to-day activities with the help of knowledge gain and skill developed during the training, fulfilling their needs and benefiting from group interactions among the trainees during trainings. Again, according to utility scores secured by trainees, the trainings were useful for them at medium level. Further, some personal and socio-economic characteristics of trainees were found to have positive and significant relationships with utility of training programmes. The study clearly brings out the reality of specifically designed farm women training programmes in empowerment and thereby contributing to the livelihood security

Keyword: Empowering; Farm enterprises

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