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Usefulness of KMAS as Perceived by The Farmers

Shivaprakash. N, Madhu Babu. K, I. Srinivasa Rao and K. Sunitha Devi


Kisan Mobile Advisory Service (KMAS) delivers real-time agricultural information and customized knowledge to improve farmers’ decision-making ability so that they may enable to increase their production and productivity, better align the farm output to market demands; secure better quality and improve price recovery in a globally competitive agrarian economy. The study was conducted in the Kolar district of Karnataka state. A total of 120 farmers who had registered under KMAS were selected randomly for the study. An ex-post facto research design was used for the study. The usefulness of KMAS was measured by employing the scale developed by Singh (2012) with due modifications. The majority of the registered farmers perceived KMAS messages as ‘most useful’ and ‘regularly utilized’ the information sent by KMAS.

Keyword: Society of Extension Education, Usefulness of KMAS , Kisan Mobile Advisory Service

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