Training Needs of Scientists of Agricultural University

P. B. Kharde, S.D. Patil and B.T. Potawade


Agricultural education is of utmost importance to a developing nation like India. At present each state is having State Agriculture University (SAU) which caters to the needs of agriculture education and produce professionally skilled manpower. Training is an indispensable instrument for human resource development at any level and cannot be ignored. Therefore, the present study was planned and undertaken with the objectives to study the personal and professional characteristics of agricultural scientists and their extent of training and to obtain their suggestions in planning training programme. The study was conducted in Post Graduate Institute, MPKV Rahuri. In all 120 respondents from 12 departments was the sample of the study. The study revealed that majority (51.66%) of the agricultural scientists expressed high level of training needs, while, 33.34 per cent expressed medium level of training needs. The findings indicate that out of five broad training areas viz., Teaching, Research, Extension and training, Administration and Human relations, Frontier areas of agriculture science the training content with highest training need index were Experiential learning methods (62.40%), Research project management techniques, monitoring and evaluation (52.60%), Impact assessment of training programme (60.00%), Performance based appraisal (42.90%) and Climate change (53.30%) respectively. It was observed that the variables like scientific orientation, contribution in publication, job involvement, and achievement motivation were having significant and positive correlation with the training needs.

Keyword: Training needs; Agriculture education; Experiential learning;

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