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Training Needs of Bee Keepers in Haryana

Nasib Singh, V.P.S.Yadav, Vishal Raina and Ramesh Chand


Honey has offered great promise to some of the most undernourished areas of the world. Bees benefit the plants not only increasing their yield, but also improve crop quality. Since beekeeping does not compete for inputs with other farming processes or crop, it is an ideal programme for integration. Keeping the importance of Bee-Keeping a study was undertaken to find out the training needs of bee-keepers. The study highlighted that majority of the respondents belonged to middle to young age group, medium to high level of family education, socio-economic status, innovativeness and risk bearing capacity. The results also showed that majority of respondents had low to medium level of extension contact and land holding, respectively. In respect to training needs of beekeepers in different areas, it was found highest in protection of bee pests, diseases and other hazards followed by the business of bees , bee-hive products and their extraction, processing, and medicinal values and essential operations

Keyword: Innovativeness; Beekeeper

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