Training Needs of African Professionals towards Horticulture Production Technology

Atheequlla, GA, Venkattakumar, R, Nita, Khandekar, Balakrishna, B and Narayanaswamy, B


African economies are growing fast and the prevailing demand for food and nutritional security in African countries necessitates promotion of horticulture sector in a planned manner. India is one among the progressive countries as far as horticulture development is concerned and hence have the potential to train the professionals from African countries, so that such professionals can contribute towards development of horticulture in Africa. In order to plan need-based training programmes pertaining to horticulture for the professionals serving in African countries, a survey was conducted among agricultural professionals (31) from Kenya, Malawi and Liberia. This paper discusses about the training needs of such professionals towards advanced production technologies of vegetables, fruits, ornamental and plantation crops and protected cultivation of horticulture crops.

Keyword: Training needs; Kenya; Malawi; Liberia; Horticulture;

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