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Traditional Textile Designing Practices of Weavers of Uttarakhand

Alka Goel, Pushpa Maurya and Bhawana Goel


Extensive survey was conducted under the present research to know the existing status of textiles with reference to their designing i.e. their inspiration for designing, types of designs being used for different textile items. It was observed during present survey research that traditional communities residing here are still following quite the same textile techniques and practices as used by the men in their ancient times. Thus, the manufacturing and designing practices adopted for textiles by the hill people lags behind in terms of new innovation and modern taste of customers. Therefore, it needs addition of some advanced technologies of manufacturing and designing for upliftment of their textile trade. Trader and local artisans need training on different aspects of manufacturing, finishing and designing of textile products for which suitable education and skill development policies are also required. Thus, there is a dire need to educate them on this aspect, which will help in making product different for its technical, physical or aesthetic features or unique performance capabilities

Keyword: Traditional textile; Desi

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