Technology Adoption Its Gap and Constraints in Orange Cultivation in Nagpur District

M. K. Rathod and Vishal Rathod


The present study was undertaken in Nagpur district where the Nagpur santra is the major fruit crop which worldwide famous. Out of the district 100 orange growers were selected for the core area of district with the purposive selection. After data collection and analysis of hundred samples it is revealed that highest technological gap was observed in training practice of orange crops followed by the practice of propagation, while lowest technological gap was observed in irrigation management, land preparation, harvesting and plant protection as well as medium gap was observed in spacing, planting, organic manuring etc. In all medium level of technological gap was observed in majority of orange growers (71.00%). In the relational analysis most of the selected variables were found highly and negatively correlated with the technological gap in orange cultivation practices. When studied constraints in cultivation of orange crop it was stated that great majority of respondents facing the marketing constraints, labour constraints, financial constraints and weather constraints.

Keyword: Knowledge; Adoption; Management

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