Summer Mung Crop Production in the Context of Climate Change: An Appraisal

Subhash C. Biyan, Basanti Ch., Pooja Dhuppar and D.Sarveshwara Rao


India is highly vulnerable to climate change and its economy is highly dependent on climate sensitive sectors like agriculture. Temperature increases above 2.5ºC will generally have negative overall effects on world agriculture. Amongst the pulses, Mungbean is most important Kharif as well as summer crop. The cultivation of summer mung is more sensitive to increase in temperature because in the month of May and June when temperature go above 46 ºC in Western Indo-Gangetic plains the flower drop also increases and this leads to failure of crop. The paper includes the observation on vegetative and reproductive performance of crop and agronomic practices of summer mung technology in relation to weather changes at Agra

Keyword: Climate change; Reproduct

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