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Study the Relationship between Psychological Variables and Their Perception Regarding Climate Change

Deepali Suryawanshi and Shobhana Gupta


The present study focuses on psychological attributes influencing farmer’s perception to climate change in Madhya Pradesh which influence the intensity of adoption of adaptation options governed by different characteristics of farmers of Madhya Pradesh. The survey area was selected in chhindwara district. Which is part of agro climatic zone of Satpura range of M.P. The selected district Chhindwara consists of 11 blocks. Out of 11 blocks, 6 blocks were selected randomly. Thus, making total no. of respondents as 240 were selected from all the 6 blocks. The selected respondents were interviewed personally with the help of a well-structured and pre-tested interview schedule. The relationship between psychological variables of the respondents and perception of climate change was assessed and it was inferred that variables like economic motivation, decision making ability and adaptation strategies were found to be highly significant with perception at 1% level of significance, while variable innovativeness exhibited positive and significant association with their perception of climate change at 5% level of significance. In addition the study shows that psychological qualities have a high impact on farmers' perception.

Keyword: Climate change; Variables; Farmers’ perception.

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