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Study on Development of Cognitive Learning Scale to Measure the Knowledge - Level about Health Status

Antara Dhargupta, A. Goswami, Minati Sen and D. Mazumder


Two hundred and fifteen items were initially constructed on the basis of promoting thinking rather than memorization and differentiate the well-known target people from the poorly known ones in relation to knowledge of health status. The scores from samples respondents were subjected to item analysis, comprising of item difficulty index and item-discrimination. The scores from subjects were computed for item analysis comprising of item difficulty and item discrimination index. Forty-seven items with difficulty index ranging from 30% – 80% and discrimination index ranging from 0.33 to 0.55 were included in the final format of the knowledge test. The reliability of the knowledge test was found to be 0.896 and 0.899 in split–half and test–retest methods respectively which was quite satisfactory (P<0.01). Hence the knowledge test constructed was highly stable and dependable for measurement

Keyword: Cognitive learning scale;

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