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Study on Adoption of Organic Farming Practices in Soybean Crop in Guna District of Madhya Pradesh

Vikas Raghuwanshi


Soybean is the most important oil seed crop and knows as gold been due to unparalleled productivity among oil seed crops. However, the unproductivity of Soybean in the district is very low. The productivity of Soybean per unit area and time could be increased by adopting feasible scientific and sustainable management practices with a suitable variety. Taking into account the above consideration, training were conducted in a systematic manner to show the worth of a new variety and convincing farmers about potentialities of improved production management practices of Soybean for further adoption. Less productivity of Soybean may be due to lack of knowledge and constraints in the adoption of organic farming practices in soybean crop. Major constraints expressed by the respondent in adoption of organic farming practices of soybean crop were lack of capital, lack of bulk local demand for organic soybean, long process of organic manure preparation, lack of knowledge about bio-pesticides, application time, method and proper dose, lack of published information regarding various practices of organic soybean farming.the success of the economic activities undertaken by women. Though in India, in recent years the women

Keyword: Soybean; Productivity; Production management; Organic soybean farming;

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