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Students’ Perception Towards e-Learning in Manipur

Martina Meinam , Yumlembam Jackie Singh , A.D. Upadhyay , Velumani Thangavel , Mutum Deepti and Teresa Meinam


The educational system across the world has immensely been affected due to the outbreak of Covid pandemic; it forced the shutdown of educational institutions resulting in a shift to online learning platforms. The present study aims to assess the perception of students towards e-learning in Manipur. The study was conducted during 2021 in the state using a structured questionnaire and data were collected through Online Google Form. About 121 responses were received and analysed. Out of total respondents’ 62 percent were females while 38 percent were males. The findings of students’ perceptions of ‘usefulness’, ‘effectiveness’, and ‘ease of use’ of e-learning have an overall score of 0.54 which reveals that e-learning has provided more opportunities to learn new ways and techniques for a better teaching-learning process. Gender comparison of perception towards e-learning showed that there is no significant difference in the perception of E-learning between male and female students; whereas, difference in the perception of E-learning between UG, PG, and Ph.D. students; and between students residing in urban and rural area were statistically significant.

Keyword: E-learning; Education; Perception; Perception Index; Gender, Covid-19.

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