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Strategic Analysis of Entrepreneurial Activities: An Evaluative Research Study of North East India

Jitendra Kumar Chauhan and Pubali Saikia


Indian Women are driving their foot in the field of entrepreneurship and establishing successfully in the entrepreneurial world. They are breaking the walls of society and with their intelligence for notable performance as entrepreneur. Indian women are now outperformed men in many areas. Women have been recognized as key contributor for sustainable development. Women entrepreneurs signify the fastest growing category of entrepreneurship worldwide and have received, especially in recent years, the attention of many academics. Present research study was conducted with 120 women entrepreneurs selected from three districts of Assam which included both registered and unregistered women entrepreneurs. Data was collected through structured interview schedule. The study shown that personal motivational factor was found as one of the most influencing factors compared with other two motivational factors i.e. Economic and Social factor in the gainful profession of weaving. The conclusion of this study also have implications for entrepreneurs as well as the policymakers who work for the improvement of entrepreneurs.

Keyword: Strategic; Analysis; Entrepreneurial activities.

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