Status and Prospects of Agri Start-Ups in Punjab and Telangana States of India

Naresh Kumar B, Rupinder Kaur and Devinder Tiwari


Entrepreneurship is key to the introduction of new technology, innovations and overall economic changes in society. The present study was designed to study the status and prospects of agri-start-ups in Punjab and Telangana state. A sample size of 20 start-ups, 10 start-ups from each state, using simple random sampling was selected for this study. Data for the study was collected with help of the interview schedule. The findings of the study revealed a strong desire to do something independent was ranked 1st. Agripreneurs of Punjab and Telangana had a medium awareness about start-ups schemes. All the agripreneurs of Punjab and Telangana had knowledge about RKVY RAFTAAR schemes and they were willing to expand their business in future. Agripreneurs want to construct storage facilities in coming future. All the agripreneurs wanted to invest their profit margins further in business.

Keyword: Status; Prospects; Agripreneurs; Start-ups; Awareness; Profit margin.

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