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Socio-psychological Correlates of Tribal Entrepreneurship Development

Dipika Hajong and J.P.Sharma


Tribal people, scheduled tribes and castes constitute the weakest section of India’s population. Rajasthan is one of the largest states of our country having nearly 11 per cent of land area and 12.44 per cent of tribal people. An explorative study was conducted in two tribal districts of Rajasthan to unravel the various dimensions of opportunities available for potential enterprises and to study the correlates of socio-psychological parameters with entrepreneurship abilities. The total sample constitute of 120 respondents. The study revealed that majority of the respondents was practicing crop based enterprises. In addition, dairy has the highest potential (33.33 %) followed by vegetable cultivation (30 %) in the area. The correlation between socio-psychological variables and entrepreneurial orientation reveals that all the variables i.e. education, SES and aspiration are positively correlated with entrepreneurial orientation except age which is found to be negatively correlated with it, indicating that the younger a person is the more of entrepreneurial variables he has. Older persons were found to have low of these traits

Keyword: Tribal; Entrepreneurship

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