Socio-psycho Risk Factors Responsible for Farmers' Suicide in Western Vidarbha and its Determinants

N. M. Kale


The present investigation was carried out in distress prone Akola and Buldana districts of Western Vidarbha region of Maharashtra with exploratory design of social research. The overall major findings indicate that indebtedness, hopelessness due to crop failure, and drop in economic status are, by and large, identified as the core reasons of suicide in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Step down regression analysis revealed that low socioeconomic status of the deceased farmers was the major significant determinant or ‘stressor’ or ‘trigger’, for aggregation of identified number of risk factors of suicide among the victims. For improving this situation, policy makers have to think critically about the change in socio-economic condition of the farmers of Vidarbha

Keyword: Socio-psycho risk factors

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