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Socio-Familial and Marketing Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs: An Analytical Analysis

Parminder Singh, Shalini Sharma and Lavjit Kaur


In India, empowering women through entrepreneurship has become an integral part of our development efforts because of three important reasons viz. women's development, economic growth, and social stability. The study was conducted in two randomly selected districts i.e., Hoshiarpur and Roopnagar on 120 women entrepreneurs of the sub-mountainous Punjab. Lack of experience in financial matters was the most prevalent problem for the registered entrepreneurs with a weighted average of 2.19 followed by poor risk-taking capacity with a weighted average of 2.08 and ranked II. The socio-familial problems for registered and unregistered enterprises was lack of appreciation (Rank I) followed by lack of role acceptance (Rank II). The production-related problem was reported prominently by un-registered entrepreneurs and they were found unaware of the loaning schemes and lacking with the proper guidance. The intense market competition was the most widespread problem in both the enterprises. The study suggested that un-registered enterprises should be motivated and guided to get their enterprise registered to draw benefits and to make them economically viable and vibrant.

Keyword: Women entrepreneurs, empowering women through entrepreneurship, Socio-familial problems, women's development

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