Socio-Economic Profile of Fish Farmers of an Adopted Model Aquaculture Village: Kulubari, West Tripura

D. K. Pandey and A. D. Upadhayay


A careful study of the socio economic conditions of small-scale fish farmer is a prerequisite for the suitable design and successful implementation of Governments ’ developmental programmes. The purpose of this study is to provide such information through survey and description of absolute and relative socioeconomic conditions with emphasis on education, employment, income levels from aquaculture and other farm and nonfarm activities of fish farmers of Tripura, whose numbers have been increasing rapidly in recent past. A model aquaculture village namely Kulubari which is adjacent to Indo-Bangladesh boarder in Boxanagar R D Block, Sonamura sub-division of West Tripura district was purposively selected for the study. The findings of the study showed that the majority of fish farmers are in middle age group, education upto middle level, larger family size, in general categories, with sufficient experience in aquaculture, medium level of social participation, smaller pond area with single ownership and very low level of family income. These socio-economic characteristics of fish farmers must be taken into account for formulation, designing and successful implementation of developmental programmes

Keyword: Small-scale fish farmer;

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