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Socio-Economic Impact of the Improved Goat Farming Practices in Adopted Villages

Braj Mohan, Ramji Lal Sagar and Khushyal Singh


This study was conducted in five adopted villages viz., Gadaya, Pingri, Sanora, Bhai and Jhandipur of block- Farah, Distt. Mathura, U.P. Total 83 goat farmers were selected at random from Gadaya (29), Pingari (21), Sanora (19), Bhai (8) and Jhandipur (6). The study was undertaken after conducting transfer of technology programmes on different improved goat production practices in above adopted villages. Majority (97.59%) of the selected respondents goat farmers learnt more skill on use of lime for sanitation followed by use of vaccine like, PPR, ET, FMD etc., (97.50%), proper housing management for keeping goats (92.77%), use of salt (90.30%), deworming of goats (90.36%), feeding of colostrum to kids in time (79.52%), keeping improved bucks (73.49%), plantation/ keeping fodder trees/grasses (73.49%), use of mineral mixture or khadia (54.22%), dipping of goats to control ectoparasite (44.58%), preparation of goat milk paneer (32.53%), use of berseem culture (25.30%), keeping of appropriate proportion between male and female (9.64%), making of pelleted feed (7.23%) and weeding in fodder crops (6.02%). Goat has been a ready cash riding dependence on high cost private credit, increased share of income from goat to family’s total income, increase profit/goat/annum, increased awareness about commercial goat farming and its advantages, increased access to goat milk for family consumption and increase in employment generation through goats reported by the 92.77, 74.70, 72.29, 59.04, 42.17 and 37.35 percent selected respondents goat farmers as socio-economic indicators respectively. Similarly, bicycle, construction of house, construction of goat shed, television, radio, scooter/motor cycle, jewellery and phone reported by the 81.93, 40.96, 39.76, 20.48, 20.48, 2.41, 1.20 and 1.20 percent selected respondents goat farmers as status of family’s assets, respectively

Keyword: Scoio-economic; Impact of

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