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Socio-economic and Livelihood Features of French bean Growers: Evidence from Kiphire District, Nagaland

Benjongtoshi and N. K. Patra


The present study was conducted to characterize the socio-economic features of the French bean growers and their different livelihood activities under Kiphire district, Nagaland. For the study, two blocks, and three villages from each block were purposively selected.. A total of 120 French bean growers with a minimum of 3 years of experience of French bean cultivation were selected as respondents for the study (20 respondents from each village). In the study area, majority of the French bean growers were lower medium age group and had education up to primary level. Comparison between the two blocks in respect of experience in French bean cultivation, size of land holdings, and land allocation under French bean cultivation showed that growers from Kiphire block had the higher experience, the larger size of land holdings and larger size of land allocation under French bean cultivation. The study showed that French bean cultivation contributed the highest in total annual income (i.e.,46.74%), followed by livestock-based (37.44%), other crop-based (11.06%), off-farm activities (3.23%) and forest-based livelihood activities (1.52%), respectively. Comparison betweenthe average income of respondents from French bean of two blocks showed significant difference.

Keyword: socio-economic; Income; French bean; Livelihood; Livelihood features; Nagaland

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