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Small and marginal farmers of indian agriculture: prospects and extension strategies

Sunil Kumar, D.U.M. Rao, Pratibha Thombare and Pandurang Kale


Agriculture remains the mainstay of Indian economy and major source of livelihood of rural household, predominantly by small and marginal farmers, and securing the food and nutritional security. These farmers face several problems of credit, input supply, proper linkage with market as so on. Women farmers are lagging behind in adopting the drudgery reduction technologies followed by health and nutrition of farm families. Their livelihood can be enhance by utilizing various strategies of information and communication technologies (ICTs), capacity building, combating climate change and increasing food production. A budgetary requirement should also be taken care. Market oriented research and investment should also be increased to save our farmers from glut situation and fetching more income by adopting the concept of FPOs/FPCs in larger context. Key words: Small and Marginal farmers; Extension Strategies; ICT; Climate Smart Agriculture;

Keyword: Small and marginal farmers, Indian economy, nutritional security, predominantly

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