Scenarios in the Small Holder Mango Production Situation in Kerala – A Futuristic Analysis

K. Nadhika and Jayasree Krishnankutty


Commercial mango production in Muthalamada is believed to be one of the most promising agricultural enterprises for the small holder grower. Unfortunately the actual setback is evident in the marketing of the mangoes. The presence of large number of intermediaries in the marketing channel affects the small holder producers drastically. In addition, inabilities of the farmers to fulfill the quality prescriptions were forced to sell their produce at lower price in the local markets. The current paper is aimed to formulate the likely future of the Muthalamada mango sector using scenario analysis and to identify the constraints faced by the farmers. Through uncertainty-importance ranking, early and regular bearing and large number of markets were selected from the trends identified for deriving the futures. Over dominance of middlemen in the marketing channel, difficulty in getting reasonable price for the produce, dearth of enough common collection centers, poor availability of market information and improper post-harvest practices were the constraints faced by the farmers.

Keyword: Mango; Marketing; Scenario; Constraints; Small holders

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