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Scale to Measure ICT Operational Self-Confidence of The Farmers

K. D. Tankodara and N.B. Chauhan


Realizing the significance of ICT in the development of farmers in the present situation of Science and Technology, nowadays, it is expected that farmers should have enough ICT operational or working self-confidence for taking advantages of ICT for their development. To encourage the farmers to make use of ICT, it is essential to study ICT operational self-confidence of them. There was no any tool to measure such self-confidence of the farmers. Realizing this, a scale to measure ICT operational self-confidence of the farmers was developed based on “Scale Product Method” which combines the Thurston’s technique of Equal Appearing Interval Scale for selection of the items and Likert’s techniques of summated rating for ascertaining the response on the scale. A tentative list of 24 statements was drafted keeping in view the applicability of statements suited to the area of study. The collected statements were edited in the light of the suggested criteria. The score of each individual item on the scale was calculated by summing up the weightage of the individual items. Scale and Q value were calculated by using Thurston and Chave inter-quartile range. Finally, 12 statements whose median (scale) values greater than Q values were selected. However, when a few statements had the same scale values, statements having lowest Q value were selected by arranging the scale value in an order. Reliability was tested with 20 farmers and its value was 0.8116 and validity of the scale was examined.

Keyword: Self-confidence; ICT; Reliability; Validity

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